Modified bitumen roof systems have expanded their share of the commercial roofing market in recent years. Atactic Poly Propylene (APP) and Styrene Butadiene Styrene (SBS) modified bitumen membranes comprise about 60 percent of the commercial roofing market. The growth of modified bitumen roof systems is likely due to many factors including: Familiarity in the marketplace – modified bitumens were introduced in the U.S. in 1972, are user friendly which allows contractors to use their built-up roofing equipment and expertise.

Like Built Up Roofs, Modified Roofs consist of several (usually 2) plies of roof felt laminated in hot asphalt with a cap sheet that is covered in ceramic granules. Many different types of Modified Roofs with different qualities are available. This variety of materials allows the quality of the roof to be tailored to the specific requirements of the structure. Modified Roofs also can be installed on virtually any type of roof deck. Some of the benefits of a Modified Roof are:

  • Lighter Installed Weight
  • Energy Star Compliance
  • LEEDS Credits
  • Quick Install Time
  • Multiple Color Options